Tumulus Arapomagoula - the only funerary mound in Megalopolis.


  • Grave or burial field
  • visible
  • Location ± 25-100 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Megalopolis [Megalópoli]

OmnesViae import TPPlace1900

Megalopolis, Asclepieion

Sanctuary of Asklepios.

Megalopolis, Asclepieion of Asclepios Pais

Sanctuary of Asklepios Pais - Boy.

Megalopolis, Zeus Soter Temple

Precinct of Zeus Soter.


Surroundings (Panoramio)


Tumulus Arapomagoula is a grave of Aristodamos, the tyrant of Megalopolis1.


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  1. After a short time a tyrant arose at Megalopolis in the person of Aristodemus, a Phigalian by birth and a son of Artylas, who had been adopted by Tritaeus, an influential citizen of Megalopolis. This Aristodemus, in spite of his being a tyrant, nevertheless won the surname of “the Good.”