Sanctuary of Asklepios Pais - Boy.


  • Temple or sanctuary
  • visible
  • Location ± 5-25 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Megalopolis [Megalópoli]

OmnesViae import TPPlace1900

Megalopolis, Zeus Soter Temple

Precinct of Zeus Soter.

Megalopolis, Thersilion Vouleftirio


Theatre Megapolis

Theatre Megapolis


Surroundings (Panoramio)


Pausanias: Under this hill there is another sanctuary of Boy Asclepius. His image is upright and about a cubit in height, that of Apollo is seated on a throne and is not less than six feet high. Here are also kept bones, too big for those of a human being, about which the story ran that they were those of one of the giants mustered by Hopladamus to fight for Rhea, as my story will relate hereafter. Near this sanctuary is a spring, the water flowing down from which is received by the Helisson1.


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