The Late Bronze Age town of Hala Sultan Tekke. Dromolaksia - Vyziaka.


  • City
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  • Location ± 0-5 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Chirokitia - Khirokitia

Settlement dating from the Neolithic age.

Kition [Larnaca]

OmnesViae import TPPlace2430 Latin: Citium

Larnaca, fort

Small collection of archaeological finds from Kition

Larnaka, Pierides Museum

Larnaka, Pierides Museum


Surroundings (Panoramio)


The Late Bronze Age Dromolaxia - Vyzakia town settled ca 1600 BC was a flourishing coastal settlement during the XIII-XII centuries BC.  It was not only harbour trade centre but als an important crafts centre.


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