Hallan Çemi Tepesi


  • Rural settlement
  • invisible
  • Location ± 0-5 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Malabadi Bridge

Ancient Bridge


Surroundings (Panoramio)


Hallan Cemi Tepe is a Proto Neolithic settlement in Southeastern Anatolia near village of Kalatepe, currently is partly flooded with water of the Batman Dam Lake. The settlement located on the Late Pleistocene a riparian terrace covered with forest in the narrow Sason Stream Valleyon the western bank of the spring.The 4.3 m high mound which covers an area of 7 hectares was composed of three layers or occupational phases dating to the Aceramic Neolithic Period. Inhabitants of Hallan Cemi lived in round houses; which were built partially sunken beneath ground level and had roofs made of wattle and daub. This dwellings rarely exceeded 2 meters in diameter. This architecture is similar to that of Hasankeyf, Karahan, nd Gobekli Tepe. Site was inhabited ca 8600-8000 BC according to 14C. In the upper levels of the site the wild cattle skull, originally hanged on the wall  was discovered in one of the two larger buildings (ca 6 m in diameter), and equipped with stone benches and plastered hearths. This suggestes the ritual or another social function of these structures.

The interesting feature was the presence of elabo­rately polished and decorated stone howls and sculpted pestles.


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