Fonte Rotella necropolis near Chiusi.


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Clusium [Clevsin, Chiusi]

OmnesViae import TPPlace1100

Chiusi, Museo Civico

Museo Civico La citta sotterranea

Chiusi, Museo Archeologico Nazionale

The National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi

Chiusi, Labirinto di Porsenna

Etruscan galleries and underground passages for supplying water.


Surroundings (Panoramio)


The François Vase is a large 66 cm high Attic volute krater decorated in the black-figure style dates 570/560 BC. Vase was unearthed in 1844 -1845 in an Etruscan tomb of Fonte Rotella necropolis near Chiusi. Currently in the Museo Archeologico at Florence.

The vase was discovered in numerous fragments.


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