Roman Period hoard. Bronze Age hoard.


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In 1882, near the town of Radymno on the San River, a hoard of bronze ornaments (discs, pendants, spirals) was discovered, which ended up in the collection of the Dzieduszycki Family Museum in Lviv. Probably between 1907 and 1918 fragments of sheet bronze were included in the mentioned hoard which, for 90 years, were believed to be fragments of a bronze vessel, one of the oldest in the Polish soil. The bronze ornaments from the Radymno hoard date to Bronze Age Period III (phases BrD – HaA1) and should be linked with the Piliny culture from central Slovakia and north-eastern Hungary. The bronze plates, however, originate from at least 2 vessels, in part thermally deformed: one made from bronze and the other from brass, which should be associated with the Roman Period and considered to be imports.[ Wojciech Blajer1]


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