Modern Ordu


  • Vicus or canabae
  • visible
  • Location ± 0-5 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Kurul Castle (Ordu) - Bayadı Village

Mithridates VI period Pontic fortress

Kurul Castle (Ordu) - Kybele Statue

Cybele statue of the I century BC.


Surroundings (Panoramio)


Kotyora was founded in the eight century BC by Miletians as one of the colonies along the Black Sea coast. Xenophon c. 400 BC mentions the town Anabasis V.5.3f - After many victims had been sacrificed all the seers finally declared the opinion that the gods in no wise permitted war. So then the generals accepted the gifts of hospitality, and proceeding as through a friendly country for two days, they arrived at Cotyora, a Greek city and a colony of the Sinopeans, situated in the territory of the Tibarenians.

Arrian, in his  guidebook Periplus of the Euxine Sea, describes it as a village "and not a large one.


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