Babylonian Post-Kassite kudurru.


  • Milestone
  • visible
  • Location ± 0-5 m.
(see also PELAGIOS)



Hasardu kudurru from Sippar

Steles found in the Temple of Shamash. BM 90829

SIPPAR [Zimbir]

SIPPAR Abu Habba - Tell Abu Habbah

Ebabbar, Sippar [Zimbir]

Abu Habba - Tell Abu Habbah - temple of Shamash - E-babbar.

Enlil-bānī Kudurru

Enlil-bānī land grant kudurru


Surroundings (Panoramio)


The boundary-stone Kudurru for Ritti-Marduk of  Nebuchadrezzar I (r. c. 1125 – 1104 BC) the king of the IVth Dynasty Babylon - Middle Babylonian period was unearthedat Sippar (Abu Haba) together with the Hasardu kudurru BM 90829. The mainface of  the kudurru is composed of six registers, with gods represented by astral and tortoise, serpent and creatures as beings a Scorpion-man for example. The two columns  contain on the other sidescontain a cuneiform texts, relating the military services of Ritti-Marduk. Dimensions: height: 64 cm, length: 21 cm, width: 18 cm.


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