Khan Omurtag Palace


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Capital of the First Bulgarian Empire from 893 to 972. Since 1993 Veliki Preslav

Veliki Preslav Archeological Museum

"Veliki Preslav" National Historical-Archaeological Reserve and Museum -

Shumen Fortress

Shumen Fortress

Dolni Stradin Castle

Dolni Stradin Castle


Surroundings (Panoramio)


The Palace of Omurtag or Aul (Aulē) of Omurtag (Bulgarian: Аул на Омуртаг, Aul na Omurtag) is an archaeological site in northeastern Bulgaria dating to Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages located near the village of Han Krum in Shumen Province. The site has been pinpointed as the location of a fort and palace of Omurtag, ruler (kanasybigi) of the First Bulgarian Empire in 815–831, as mentioned in the Chatalar Inscription of 822. Earlier structures in the vicinity of the fortress have been identified as the Arian episcopal see of a Gothic bishop.