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Bakhar Fort

Bakhar Fort


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Arore is a historical and a large city on the banks of the Indus River. Prior to the invasion by the Arabs in AD 711(also known as Alor, Arore, Al Rur). Arore is located about five miles south-east of Rohri and close to the Eastern Nara canal.
In the description of ancient book Chach Namah, Arore was a town adorned with various kinds of royal buildings, villas, gardens, fountains, streams, meadows, and trees and was situated on the bank of the River Indus. 
Arrore best known for the conquest of Sindh by the Arabs under Muhammad Bin Qasim in AD 711. Arore was the capital of Sindh and the residence of raja Dahir. The Arabs made their capital at Mansurah, and Arore existed for more than two centuries as a Hindu town.
The Ruins of the first mosque built in sub-continent by Muhammad Bin Qassim, are also found in the city.