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Patara in Lycia - Medieval

Medieval Patara

Stadiasmus Patarensis - Stadiasmus Provinciae Lyciae

Ancient Roman milestone from Patara. Stadiasmus Provinciae Lyciae - Miliarium Lyciae

Bouleuterion - Patara

Bouleuterion - Patara

Theatre Patara

Theatre Patara


Surroundings (Panoramio)


PATARA Gelemis

According to the legend Patara wa founded by Pataros, son of Apollo. Strabo in his Geography (Strab. XIV.3.7)1 :

Next is the river Xanthus, formerly called Sirbis. In sailing up it in vessels which ply as tenders, to the distance of 10 stadia, we come to the Letoum, and proceeding 60 stadia beyond the temple, we find the city of the Xanthians, the largest in Lycia. After the Xanthus follows Patara, which is also a large city with a harbour, and containing a temple of Apollo. Its founder was Patarus. When Ptolemy Philadelphus repaired it, he called it the Lycian Arsinoe, but the old name prevailed.

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