Also Tushhan, or Tušhan. Ziyarettepe.


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Ziyaret Tepe

Ancient Settlement in Diyarbakır Province, Turkey. Occupied nearly continuously for 2,400 years from the Early Bronze Age (c. 3,000 BCE), during the late Iron Age (c. 900-600 BCE) Ziyaret Tepe was an important urban centre on the northern edge of the

Kenan Tepe

Kenan Tepe

Yenice Höyük

Yenice Yanı Höyüğü - Multi level settlement


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The modern site of Ziyaret Tepe in located on the Tigris River ( Diyarbakir province in southern Turkey). Inhabited as early as the Early Bronze Age i.e from ca 3300 BC, it flourished during the Late Assyrian period, ca 882-611 BC, when was known as the Assyrian city of Tušhan. As the site that guarded the northern border of the Assyrian Empire was imported administrative centre and center for exploiting the raw material as timber, stones, and metals of the Taurus Mountain.


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