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Oescus, Temple of Fortuna


Oescus, Museum

Escus/Colonia Ulpia Oescensium

Oescus, Temple of Junona

Escus/Colonia Ulpia Oescensium

Oescus, Temple of Jupiter

Escus/Colonia Ulpia Oescensium


Surroundings (Panoramio)


The ruins of the ancient town Ulpia Eskus are located in Northwest part of Gigen village , 5 km. away from the place where the Iskar River (known in the antiquity with its Thracian name Eskus) flows into the Danube. The town was founded in the I-st century in the neighborhood of a Thracian settlement from Late Bronze and early Iron Age. Eskus was created as camp settlement of the IV Scythian and V Macedonian legions of Rome. The bloom of Eskus was in II and III centuries and during the reign of Constantine the Great. The village was occupied an area of​about 280 000 m2 and by size is similar to the other ancient towns as the Roman Nove near Svishtov and Nicopolis ad Istrum near village of Nikyup . During its existence the city was repeatedly under Gothic and Huns invasions and finally it was destroyed by the Avars in the VI century (585). In X-th century on the ruins of the ancient Eskus here was built a Medieval Bulgarian village, which existed until XIV century. The archaeological research within the ancient city were uncovered and restored walls of the fortification system, public and residential buildings, a road network, town square and others.