Kot Diji (Harappan mound)(Indus civilization site)


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  • Location ┬▒ 0-5 m.
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Kot Diji Fort (Kot Diji)

Kot Diji Fort (Kot Diji)


Surroundings (Panoramio)


This mound is of the nice monument of pre-mature Indus Saga. It was discovered by Dr. F.A Khan in 50s. The major point of this site is its 17 layers of different settlements.

Kot Diji is an important Indus Harappan civilization site located in the Rohri Hills of Khairpur province of Pakistan. The name means "Fort of the Daughter" and it refers to the 18th century AD Talpur Dynasty fortress, located on the top of an imposing massif above the Indus River. Kot Diji is also the type site for the Kot Diji culture, the earliest phase of the Indus Harappa civilization.
The site has two parts with extensive Indus Harappan occupations from Early through Mature period ( 3500-2000 BC). The upper part is a forty-foot high building, the lower is the settlement below. Artifacts recovered from the site include copper-bronze objects, bangles and arrowheads; etched carnelian and other beads; and numerous terracotta human, bull, and bird effigy figurines.

Extensive excavations were conducted at Kot Diji by F.A. Khan and G.S. Ghurye of the Pakistan Department of Archaeology in the 1950s. The ancient site at Kot Diji was the forerunner of the Indus Harappan Civilization. Its culture is marked by well-made pottery and houses built of mud bricks and stone foundations.