A city like a civitas or colonia, municipum.

Vicus or canabae

A village like a canabae or vicus.

Rural settlement

A rural settlement, a farm or a group of farms.

Military buildings or objects


A fort, mini-fort or naval base.


A watchtower, signaltower or comparable smaller military object like a late roman burgus.

Temporary camp

A temporary military camp.

Infrastructural objects


An aqueduct, or a location where a part of an aqueduct is visible. Can be displayed on the map as a line.


A paved or hardened road. Can be displayed on the map as a line.


A bridge.

Other buildings

Villa rustica

The central building or the complex of buildings of an agricultural estate.

Tavern or relay

A tavern or small settlement around a resting place along a road (mansio, mutatio).

Theatre or amphitheatre

A theatre, amphitheatre, stadium or circus.


Public baths or a smaller bath house.

Temple or sanctuary

A temple, sanctuary or early christian church.

Workshop or industry

A workshop or industry like a mine, port or pottery.

Grave or burial field

A group of graves, a burial field or a significant grave monument.

Building (other)

Stone remains of an (unclassified) building

Objects or observations

Relief, votiv stone or altar

A relief, votiv stone, altar or similar monument.


The original location of a milestone.


Location where the remains of a ship were found.


The location of smaller archaeological finds, like pottery or coins.

Archaeological observation

An archaeological observation, like the remains of a ditch of a road.

Museums etcetera

Site of historic event

Location of a significant historic event, for example a battlefield.


A museum about classical antiquity or that has artifacts from antiquity on display.

Memorial or replica (contemporary)

A contemporary monument that reminds about the history related to the specific location by artistic means or with a replica.