Please feel invited to link to As explained on this page, several methods are provided to link to specific views of the map . It is also possible to integrate the map in your own site. This can be done using the widget. For other forms of use or reuse, data services are provided.

Linking to a specific object on the map

To link to a map with a given marker selected (highlighted) and centered, call the /selectview.php script and append the parameter 'focus' with the numerical identifier of the location (marker). The identifier of a location is the numerical part of the the url of its page. So links to a map with the Porta Negra ( centered.
A 'zoom' parameter may be supplied. Optionally, current day map labels can set to be either shown or hidden by setting the 'labels' parameter.

Some more examples of how to link to a specific object displayed on the map:
Shows the Hercules Tower of A Coruña ( Zoomlevel is chosen automatically.
Shows the Colosseum of Rome (, zoomed in to a level to display the Forum Romanum. Current day map labels are shown.

Linking to an area on the map

You can link to a specific area on the map by providing the coordinates of the center point and a zoom level to the /selectview.php script. Optionally labels on the map can be displayed.

Some examples of how to link to a specific map view:,-2.337620&zoom=10
Links to a map with location 55.012333, -2.337620 (latitude, longitude) and zoom factor 10. Labels on the map are not shown. This example gives an overview of the Hadrian wall.,8.725101&zoom=6&labels=1
This example links to the area of the German limes, zoom factor 6, labels on the map are shown.