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many of them competent with a history of victories against their enemies. Sooner or later, all of them died though. Some murdered by people, orders murdered by time. It was not uncommon that they left some plans behind that were never accomplished. Julius Caesar was planning a campaign in Parthia. Trajan died in the middle of a campaign right there and a couple of planned provinces wer
Johneames posted Nov 1 at 7:17 am
Hi there,

how would you describe the era of decolonization? What factors contributed to the disintergration of the British empire? Did decolonization have similar consequences in different parts of the world??

Thank you very much .

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it is often said that history is written by the victors.
What then, is the point of studying history as a subject, since it is not true anyway?


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

website builder software

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For over a year now I've been contemplating a new version of My main goal for a new codebase is that it should support a much greater flexibility in adding meaningful metadata to sites. With better metadata, functionality can be extended.

A standard relational database isn't a good foundation for flexibel metadata management. However, experiments with a an approach based on a 100%
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wmjesstaylor posted Jul 8 at 3:33 am
Hello! I love the site and the data!

I am building an iOS app using your published API and I have discovered that the returned geojson is incorrectly formatted for some but not all Line objects.

For example, this url parses correctly,5.0,36.0,6.1&zoom=25

While this url does not parse correctly,1.0,4
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Mehrere Strassenzüge sind zu korrigieren:

Andreas Hillebrecht am 2014-10-05 -

Der Strassenzug wird auch von mir als "vermutlich antik" angesehen, jedoch ist er nicht lagerichtig eingetragen. Ich habe den Bereich begangen und habe eine detaillierten, etwas anderen Verlauf.

Gerne würde ich mit Andreas Hillebrecht gerade über diese Trasse sprechen, e
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It is my pleasure to post the first question on the forum. A bit of background about me. We live in the US, but my wife is German and we have been fortunate to make many trips to see her family. My first Roman Fort was Vetoniana northwest of Ingolstadt about 20 years ago. The Roman period became a fascination, and have I have learned a great deal and had the opportunity to see many (but not
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In you can add lines to the map. Lines are always connected to a place (marker). To add a line you need to have in prepared in an external tool (Google Earth) and upload it using the "Upload KML" button available at the place detail page.

You can download Google Earth from Google Earth

Now in Google Earth it comes down to creating a new 'path'. In Google Earth you can create a p
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